Windmill Courts
8 Clark Street
Cazenovia, NY 13035



Rental Rates


No Leases or extensions are written that end during the months of November or December.


The following monthly rental rates apply to new tenants at Windmill Courts:



Lease Term


      $1095      1 yr $995
8-11 months

The following information applies to Current tenants at Windmill Courts:

CURRENT tenants at Windmill Courts who wish to extend or renew their lease for any term will have to negotiate their rent with Jon Davidson.

It is the norm that between 30 and 60 days prior to renewal that you will receive a notice as to what your rent would be if you renewed your rental for a one year term.

If you wish to renew for a term between 6 and 11 months the norm would be $50 more/ month than your current Rent.

If you wish to renew on a month by month basis the rate would be the same as a new tenant.

These renewal rates are subject to change and may be modified at Windmill's discretion. More favorable renewal rates are given to longer term tenants.


These rental rates are subject to change.


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