Windmill Courts



The Rail Trail :Formerly Lehigh Valley Railroad Bed: Next to Windmill Courts

Rental Forms

The documents listed below are available online and are saved as Adobe Acrobat pdf files. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view or print these files. If you don't have Acrobat Reader you may download this free program by clicking on the Acrobat Reader logo :

Application for Rental

If you would like to apply to rent an apartment at Windmill Courts the following documents are required :

You may scan and then email the completed forms to or fax them to (833) 345-9774.

If you mail the application and credit authorization forms send them to Windmill Associates, PO Box #48, Cazenovia, NY 13035.

If you email the forms we need the Application fee prior to processing the application.

You can pay us using :

  • Apple Pay by sending us a text message and using Apple Pay or
  • Paypal Using the Buy Now button below

Upon acceptance as a tenant the following forms are required plus one Month Security Deposit.

  • Lease (pdf)   
  • Rules (pdf)    
  • Pet Form below if you have a pet.

Plus 1 copy of the following

  1. W-9 and Questionairre
  2. Your Driver's license

After moving into the apartment the following move in checklist should be returned

Additional Forms

When departing from Windmill Courts the following documents are needed:

  • Notice of intent to Depart ( just a note from you stating that you will not be renewing your lease and that you will be departing on the last day of your lease)
  • Check List Departing (pdf)







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