Windmill Courts





Please call Dennis Muniz at (315) 751-3710 to report the need for a repair. If this is an emergency call Jon Davidson at (315) 655-3027.

Please give your Name, Apt #, Phone # and a detailed explaination of the problem.

Or email your need for a repair to

If you don't want the contractor we've assigned to do the repair work to enter your apartment unless you are present please tell us that.

If your repair work is not completed within 2 weeks of the date you notifiy us of the need for a repair don't hesitate to call or email again.

Normally, we or the contractor will notify you of the time that you can expect the work to begin within 48 hours of the time we hear of the need of a repair.

If you have a dog or a cat please make sure that the animal is contained so that the workman may enter the apartment without having a confrontation with the animal.